Self Photography

craft, DIY, fandom, Harry Potter, knitting, Photography, Self Photography

Projects shown: Ravenclaw House ScarfAlassë Míriel Hooded Cowl, Twist and Slouch Hat, and two Doctor Who Patterns: The Question Hat, and The Fourth Doctor’s Blanket.

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I’ve recently become obsessed with self photography – using the timer button on my camera to allow me to both take and pose for pictures. My camera roll and my Ravelry projects page are both quickly filling up with my attempts.

For me the hardest part is the lighting. As you can see, my house is full of dark colors, rich browns and reds set against each other. Since my house also has large windows, I’ve been having a lot of arguments with sunlight recently. The key to pretty photos is to have the light coming toward you – not from behind you or beside you – and to not squint. I had the best luck in front of my couch and on the back deck just before sun set.


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