July 5 Haul


I didn’t mean to buy this much, all I wanted was the edge¬†for Sprout, but there was a sale on patterns………… and then I needed fabric for the patterns……


img_4645-1The store was running a sale on Butterick patterns: 3 for $5, so I grabbed two that I wanted 4790 (the infamous Walkaway Dress) and 6181 (a bomber jacket) and my mom got 6429 (a skirt with POCKETS).

I’ve been wanting a simple, silk-ish bomber jacket for a while, and the Walkaway dress is something else I love (I love anything vintage, actually).


I also visited a second hand store, which is where I picked up all the fabric shown above. Its just random amounts of some very strange fabric that I don’t have a set plan for yet, but thats okay because it was dirt cheap.

img_4643For my bomber jacket I picked up two purple synthetic fabrics. They resemble silk, in a way, but are much cheaper than the fabric itself (and I love the color so, so much.)

I also picked up some interfacing.