Doctor Strange: Design Stage

Costume, Doctor Strange

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a huge comics buff, I’m not one of those people who have been reading them for years and want to tell you all about how I know more about them than you and so on and so forth. But what I am is someone who, in the last two weeks, has read literally dozens of Doctor Strange comics (because I can read them on my phone while I’m standing in line or waiting on class to start). I’ve even read more about the Doc than I have about Kate Bishop, which feels like such a betrayal, but he’s so great!

I’m not going for a ‘gender swap’ or ‘rule of 63’ to be precise, but I’m also certainly not going to just crossdress as an old guy. I mean, I have boobs, and I’m not hiding them, and I’ll probably have a long wig just because I like that kinda thing, but I’m not gonna go all out feminine. Its just going to be something that I like that fits Doc Strange.

1 8.48.59 AMI also want to base it (or at least, the cloak) around the more recent Doctor Strange design (circa Doctor Strange 2015 which is a great run), because its much more toned down than the traditional Strange and because it lacks his super stupid collar (which I have neither the patience to make nor the desire to wear).

Pattern Possibilities

  • McCall’s M2050
    • I really love the styling of the top (and I would alter the skirt to be somewhat shorter), which it shouldn’t be too hard to add simple sleeves to.
  • McCall’s M7373
    • This is one of Yaya Han’s patterns, so it must be epic, and since I already own it, that makes me really want to use it (because I’m cheap, okay?)
    • It would also be something I can reuse and would totally just wear on a day to day basis (which makes the splurge easier to justify)
  • This Cloak:
    • Honestly I want to make the whole thing myself, but the chances of being able to get the right matterial for the cloak for less than $2o is pretty slim, so I may just buy this premade one.

Helpful Stuff

Kialnax’s Costume Breakdown: This provides a great break down of the costume from the movie, including up close photos.

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