Doctor Strange: Design Stage

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I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a huge comics buff, I’m not one of those people who have been reading them for years and want to tell you all about how I know more about them than you and so on and so forth. But what I am is someone who, in the last two weeks, has read literally dozens of Doctor Strange comics (because I can read them on my phone while I’m standing in line or waiting on class to start). I’ve even read more about the Doc than I have about Kate Bishop, which feels like such a betrayal, but he’s so great!

I’m not going for a ‘gender swap’ or ‘rule of 63’ to be precise, but I’m also certainly not going to just crossdress as an old guy. I mean, I have boobs, and I’m not hiding them, and I’ll probably have a long wig just because I like that kinda thing, but I’m not gonna go all out feminine. Its just going to be something that I like that fits Doc Strange.

1 8.48.59 AMI also want to base it (or at least, the cloak) around the more recent Doctor Strange design (circa Doctor Strange 2015 which is a great run), because its much more toned down than the traditional Strange and because it lacks his super stupid collar (which I have neither the patience to make nor the desire to wear).

Pattern Possibilities

  • McCall’s M2050
    • I really love the styling of the top (and I would alter the skirt to be somewhat shorter), which it shouldn’t be too hard to add simple sleeves to.
  • McCall’s M7373
    • This is one of Yaya Han’s patterns, so it must be epic, and since I already own it, that makes me really want to use it (because I’m cheap, okay?)
    • It would also be something I can reuse and would totally just wear on a day to day basis (which makes the splurge easier to justify)
  • This Cloak:
    • Honestly I want to make the whole thing myself, but the chances of being able to get the right matterial for the cloak for less than $2o is pretty slim, so I may just buy this premade one.

Helpful Stuff

Kialnax’s Costume Breakdown: This provides a great break down of the costume from the movie, including up close photos.


Making a Magik X-Men Barbie Doll

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My best friend’s favorite thing ever is X-Men and her favorite X-Men is Magik, the younger sister of Colossus, who you would probably recognize from the Deadpool Movie. In fact, you wouldn’t recognize Magik from any of the movies, but if you play Marvel Heros 2016 she is a playable character. I’m told that she’s not hugely popular, so you actually don’t see her much of anywhere.

Paper Flower Corsage

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My best friend and I are both huge nerds. She’s more into comics and I’m more into reading, but we both cross over a little. Recently she introduced me to both Deadpool and the X-Men.

Nerdy Paper Flowers

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I love paper flowers. They’re so pretty and yet so easy to make (and fun too!). I spent the better part of an afternoon making them using different mediums. My favorites by far were the comic and book flowers. The comics make brightly colored, random flowers and the books make simple, elegant flowers.