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As part of my series on DIY Social Media I thought I’d share a how to about the site Bloglovin. Bloglovin is a site that allows you to follow almost any blog across the web, even if the author of that blog hasn’t posted it to Bloglovin themselves. I personally use it not only to promote my own blogs, but also to keep up with people who don’t have WordPress blogs (people on sites like Blogger), but whose posts I want to keep up with.

Nerdy Paper Flowers

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I love paper flowers. They’re so pretty and yet so easy to make (and fun too!). I spent the better part of an afternoon making them using different mediums. My favorites by far were the comic and book flowers. The comics make brightly colored, random flowers and the books make simple, elegant flowers.

Giving Barbie Bangs

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IMG_1913I’m making a special Barbie doll – I can’t tell you more about it at the moment in case the person I’m giving her to finds this blog – but I needed a blonde Barbie doll with bangs. I had a hard time finding one, so I grabbed a Barbie out of my old box and got to work on her hair.

I don’t know what Barbie I used – I think she was a ballet themed Barbie at one time – but her hair was in a half pony tale so I took it down and brushed it out.