Ravenclaw Scarf

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Wit beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure. – Rowena Ravenclaw

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The Pattern

I had the good fortune of buying Charmed Knits before it went out of publication and became really, really expensive. Hermione’s Bag was one of my first ever knitting projects, my very first felted project, and my first taste at epic knitted failure. Those familiar with the book will know that there are, in fact, two house scarf patterns included in it; Year 1 & 2 and Year 3 & 4. Mine is actually a combination of both, because I knit it in the round (as year 1 & 2 called for), but I cast on for year 3 & 4 and followed the stripe pattern of year 3 & 4.


Length without tassels: 90 inches 
Length with tassels: 102 inches
Width: 9 inches

I did a lot of research on the size I wanted for this scarf. One of the main things I looked at was the official scarf available on Pottermore. They list the dimensions as 68.9 inches by 10.2 inches, but several commenters noted that it was shorter than they would have liked. The pattern in my book had two sizes; small being 70 inches long and the large being 80 inches long. This post that I read had a length of 102 inches (not sure if this includes the tassels or not). The Year 1 & 2 pattern called for 7 inches by 70 inches, and year 3 & 4 called for 9 inches by 80 inches.

I wanted something long, as is seen in the movies where they almost reach the cast’s knees. I got my wish, I’m 5’5, and the tassels go down just to my knees which makes me very, very happy. Unfortunately local weather rarely calls for long, thick scarves, but I will wear it anyway!!

Colors & Yarn

b2d0c22a304389d7d275a173dee6aab4As I’m certain a few eagle-eyes had noticed before I even posted this photo of a Ravenclaw scarf from the movies, mine is not the silver and blue of the films, rather its blue and bronze. Why? Because in the books the Ravenclaw colors are blue and bronze which I personally like more (blue and silver is a little too close to green and silver from Slytherin).

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.00.48 AM.png


I grabbed three balls of the blue yarn (Lion Brand Heartland in Lake Clark), 753 yards, which is more than the pattern called for, and I’m glad I did. It made for a much longer scarf and allowed me to make thick and long tassels (of which I am a huge fan). One ball of the bronze (Lion Brand Heartland in Bryce Canyon) proved to be too much, and I have a lot left over. Because I have some of the blue (grabbed in a different dye lot for a different project) I may make a hat or something from the bronze and have blue accents.

The Stripes

For anyone who’s never knit stripes in the round: I envy you. There’s an issue that I was not aware of, which may very well be why the pattern called for this to be knit in K1P1 rib: jogs. Jogs happen because you’re actually working a in a spiral, and so your stripes don’t exactly line up.

I found a tutorial on youtube that eliminated some of the issue, and I used it for most of the pattern. Since where the jog happened was also my side edge, it doesn’t show too badly, but I’m glad I found the tutorial, and I’ll leave at the bottom of the post for any of you who chose to use the pattern or something similar.

The Photos

I’m very proud of how the photos turned out, considering I took them myself using the self-timer on my camera. I had a lot of fun posing for the photos (I’ve never done photos that were meant to look semi-candid) and then I got to play around and edit them on PicMonkey.

I also learned to watch what’s in the background of photos – the McDonald’s cup is less than professional, but I’m frankly too lazy to go back and change it, and too excited about how the photos turned out.


I think I’ve fallen in love with knitting scarves in the round. It makes a warm, but soft and not stiff fabric that I absolutely love (stiff scarves make me sad). I saw a Hyrule Warriors themed scarf while collecting patterns for the Zelda section of my Ravelry group that’s also knit in the round and I’ve added it to my queue. As soon as I finish the hood I’m working on (and designing the pattern for), I’m probably going to cast on for the Zelda project.

View my project on Ravelry here, and find me on Pottermore as FireboltKey2115, here is my Patreon page, and find my knit designs are available on Ravelry under Camryn Daytona. Below is the tutorial I promised for jogless knitting.



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