About Me

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! You can check out my writing on TheWritingCrafter, or catch me around the web.

Things You’re Liable to Find

Knitting: My true love is knitting. My projects are on my Ravelry, and any of the patterns I’ve made myself are on my Ravelry Store.

Sewing: I’ve made a few costumes (with my mother’s help), over the years, and here’s where I publish my creations. I also enjoy quilting and cross stitch/embroidery.

Jewelry Making: I bead, twist wire, clay stuff, etc. If you can name it, I’ve probably tried it.

Featured Portfolio

The rest of my portfolio can be viewed by selecting Portfolio from the menu bar, but here are a few of my person favorites.

Your Portfolio Archive currently has no entries. You can start creating them on your dashboard.


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