This is a fun cape crossed with a sweater that I made based on this thing here. I stumbled across it on pinterest and fell in love with it even though the pattern (what little there was of it) was written in Russian.

Its taking all of my self control not to add in a bunch of flower and leaf motifs using this embroidery tutorial (I know its meant for cosplay, but its a great hack), also, just imagine these things climbing up it. Wouldn’t it be great?

I feel like that would defeat the purpose of sewing it in flannel: simple, comfy, and casual. But it would be very pretty, so one of these days I may break down and do it.

Name: Its named for Professor Sprout from Harry Potter, because to me it looks like something she would wear whilst puttering around her greenhouses.

The Cape

img_4647I love this thing. Its very quickly become one of the most comfortable things I own and I’ve been wearing it around the house just for fun even though its the middle of summer.


The Pattern


  • 3 yards of fabric
    • I used green flannel
  • 7 yards of edging
  • Misc supplies
    • thread, needles, snacks, etc

This is by no means a step-by-step guide, as I ended up just winging a lot of it.

0_3bb85_afa70f38_XLDoing Math:

One of the most (read: only) useful things on the website was the graph I’ve included above. The lines gave me the ability to use math to figure out how large I was going to have to cut things.

What I ended up doing, was cutting out each section, measuring the side lengths, and multiplying by eight*. Once I had the measurements of the

* I multiplied by 8 because I figured out how long I was going to want the front, (30 inches), then took the length of the front of one of the paper pieces, and divided it.


Here’s an up-close view of the left hand side of the collar.

The Collar: The picture its based on includes a hood, but I could not for the life of me figure out how the hood was made, and I was running low on fabric by the time I got to it, so instead of messing around with that I just sewed a simple collar out of a straight length of fabric.


Up-close of the collar.

The Edging: Rather than do a plain rolled hem going around the length of the edges (bottom and sleeves) I used a black trim which you can sort of see in the photo to the right.



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