The Gamer’s Week

Work in Progress Wednesday

We had some friends over last Friday for what we like to call a “crafty day” where everyone sits around and does their own craft and we chat and eat food. I got quite a lot of stuff done then and since its still my summer vacation, I’m still getting a lot done.

But I also started my first job yesterday (eight whole hours!) so that’s been keeping me busy (and sore).


Belle Bomber

I’m almost done with this bomber, but I realized right as I was finishing up that I don’t have a zipper that will work for it. Oh well, the liner and everything else is done.

If I were to do it again I would wait to sew the liner to the front edges until I’m putting in the zipper, so I can slide the zipper ends between the two pieces. That won’t affect me on the Rapunzel Bomber though, because I’m putting in snaps.

Rapunzel Bomber

I got almost all of the pieces of this cut out, and I had just started to stitch the liner together when we decided to go to Panera and grab dinner. Then by the time we got home the power was out and I couldn’t use my

Butterfly Embroidered Quilt

I finished one quilt square that had already been partially completed and started another one.

Gamer Embroidered Quilt

Even though I’m still nowhere near finished on the embroidery squares for my other quilt, I’ve started mapping out the squares that I’m designing for the next one (I didn’t design the last one, unfortunately). This one is based around all of my favorite games.

It’s Too Cold to Go Alone, Take this!

This jacket is still in the design phase, but I’m very excited about it.


Candy Loops

I’m still working through this, slowly but surely.

Shelly’s Shawl

I didn’t get very much done on this, even though I really wanted to. It just didn’t happen (because all that’s left to do is cast off and I hate casting off!)

Hyrule Warriors Scarf

I’ve been working on this forever and barely have anything to show for it (thank you, color work!), but I had lost it for a while and I just found it again. My goal on it is to get the charted part done as quickly as possible so I can move onto the simpler part (the body of the scarf).

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