Prepping a Wedding Dress for Prom

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My prom dress from Junior Prom last year was phenomenal, everyone said so. My principal even told me that I looked like Grace Kelly (yes I died a little when she said that). So I knew that I would have to top it this year for Senior Prom (as a final farewell to my high school). I also knew that prom this year would be bittersweet after the death of Michael, whom I went with last year (read about how cool he was here).


  • Old Wedding Dress
  • Fabric Dye
    • I used Rit Dye More in Peacock Green
  • Misc Sewing Supplies

I’ve set this up as a bit of a timeline, because I think that’s a fun way to display craft projects that take weeks.


We found the dress at a goodwill store, it had two price tags, one for $99.99 and the other for $124.99. They gave us the $99 price and also accepted a 24% off coupon.

Here are the photos of the dress when I first got it and wore it for the first time.

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I was having a tiny crisis on twitter and looking at stuff on pinterest.

This is also the day that I decided to finally break down and make a prom board on pinterest. As evidenced by my tweets I was first starting to consider cutting off more than just the train, deciding that maybe, just maybe, something a bit closer to tea length would be nice.


Finally got around to doing something with the dress which is good because on this day Prom was less than three weeks away.


I, of course, had to model it one last time, being sure to show the back and the full length of the train. Yes I’m wearing a shirt under it, no it isn’t zipped all the way.

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The first thing we did was take off most of the crinoline so it would be easier to work with. We just lifted the skirt and cut the fabric above my knees. It was rather funny to watch, because all of a sudden the dress deflated.

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I put the dress back on and mom marked with safety pins the length we wanted. This photo is me, wearing the dress, looking down as mom flattens the fabric and pins it.

We went for a length that was just a few inches of the ground, mom used a book to measure how high up to cut it.

We pulled what remained of the crinoline up through the neck of the dress so we could lay it out flat and made sure to line up the pins on the top and bottom layer. Then we cut it about an inch below the pins (remember the seam allowance!)


This is the day we dyed it. We stirred it in the dye bath for over an hour before it was done and ready to be rinsed.


Time to wear it to prom!!

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Everyone love this dress, particularly when paired with the Flower Corsages that I made for my friend and I.


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