Introducing Ace!

craft, sewing


img_4590I’ve always been rather jealous of the people that I regularly see on Instagram who have custom made dress forms to work with. I never bothered to even look them up, because I figured they would be way more eximg_4592pensive then I was willing to spend. However, the other day, I spotted this great DIY on Pinterest and immediately knew I had to try it!! Basically, you wrap yourself in duck tape (shown left and right) then cut that off and stuff it (for stuffing I used old pillows and fabric scraps).

They recommend using an old lamp as the base, but I didn’t have a spare lamp laying around, which is what the DIY suggests using for the base, so instead I deconstructed an old painter’s easel and used the wood from that to build my own base.

img_4609img_4615-1The nice thing about it being made from duck tape and pillow stuffing, is that you can stick needles into it. In the photo to the left you can see that I used pins to hold buttons onto my Study In Scarlet Capelet so I could decide where I wanted the buttons to sit.  Look right and you can see photos from updating Eowyn where I used pins to hold the dress onto the form, because otherwise its too large and falls off (more information about that update coming soon).

I named my new dress form Ace after Ace McShane, the companion of the Seventh Doctor and my person favorite Doctor Who companion, because she’s my trusty sidekick.


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