Craft Store Haul


I stopped by the store the other day to pick up some things that I’ll be using for crafts.

img_4603Green Fabric:

  • Its a soft, flannel fabric.
  • 2 yards.
  • For: I’m altering this shawl that I saw on Pinterest.

img_4602Blue Fabric:

  • Total impulse buy.
  • 1 6/8 yards(I think) I bought all that they had left.
  • I was thinking about using it for a dress form cover, but I decided its too pretty for that.

Black Fabric:

  • Not shown
  • Simple, black cotton.
  • 1 yard.
  • I’m using it to line the sleeves of my Study in Scarlet Coat.



  • I love Yaya Han, and I’ve been admiring this jacket for quite a while, so I finally broke down and decided to buy it because it was on sale for $1.99 (usually it is &21.95)
  • McCall’s MP212

Duct Tape:


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