Star Wars Skirt

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img_4445I’m finally finished with the Star Wars skirt that I’ve been working on forever! I started it way back in January, but promptly forgot about it and then lost it. I found it again, recently, and decided to finish it.

I really love the way it fits and feels. I cut it just a little bit shorter than the pattern called for, so that when I wear it a little above my waist (which is where I like to wear things) it falls right to my knees.


  • Four inch Elastic (enough to go around your waist)
  • McCall’s Pattern M7197
  • Fabric (here’s what I used)
  • Sewing notions

I followed the pattern for the skirt with only a few, minor modifications. I sewed the skirt as the pattern called for, but I didn’t put in a zipper, I just seamed it like I had everything else until I had one large piece that looked like a circle with a hole cut in the middle. Fun.

I measured the elastic so that it would go around my waist and be only a little snug, and then sewed it onto the skirt for the waist. Then I did a simple, rolled hem around the bottom, and it was done!

Its really comfortable to wear, and very easy. I tried styling it in two different ways, with tights and boots (more of a winter or fall look) and with heeled sandals (for spring or summer) and both turned out really well.

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