Scarlet Witch Cosplay

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Scarlet Witch Cosplay in 48 Hours or Less

Yep, you read that right. I did this in 48 hours (actually, less).

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I hit two thrift stores over two days to gather everything that I needed that I didn’t already own. Pretty cool, huh? This is definitely the cheapest cosplay I’ve ever done, totaling just at 30 dollars for everything I had to purchase (thats not including things I already had and the time put in).

Things Purchased:

  • Black Dress
  • Red Jacket
  • Black Pleather Jacket (for wrist things)
  • Boots

Things I Already Had:

  • Misc Jewelry Stuff
  • Socks for the Stockings
  • Misc Sewing supplies

I always thought that her outfit was stupid in the movie, and I thought that she must be cold in it, because clearly its cold in Sokovia (look how everyone’s dressed) and here she is in a short skirt and three-quarter sleeve jacket. Seems cold right? Wrong. My jacket was much thinner, my dress had shorter sleeves, and I was toasty warm in it.


Red Jacket

If you’re seen the deleted scenes from Age of Ultron (see it here at 0:55)  you know that the jacket actually belongs to Natasha and she’s more bothered by Wanda having it than by Wanda suddenly being a good guy. Fun fact.

I managed to find a jacket that was pretty darn close to what I envisioned, so luckily I was spared the painting that a lot of other people did (if I ever wear this to a ‘real’ convention (read: a bigger one), I’ll probably get a red pleathor jacket and paint on the ombre affect.



  • Sleeveless, Collared Dress

The dress started out way too long, to the point that it was interfering with the stockings, so I cut and hemmed it to a length much closer to what Wanda’s was in the movie.

Arm Bracers

  • Black Leather Jacket

Aka: The wrist things.

img_4306Yep I bought a pretty fancy jacket just to tear it apart, but in my defense it was second hand it and cost less than ten bucks. And it was perfect. Otherwise I would never have done it. I still feel pretty bad about it. What I looked for was that it already had short zippers on the sleeves, so I wouldn’t have to add any (because that would have been a HUGE pain). The jacket was made of a really great material (I’m not 100% sure what, I assume fake leather) that didn’t fray, so I didn’t need to worry about finishing all the seams I cut.


The left wristlet is cut to the finished length.T


Pinning it to sew the side seam.

The next thing I did was to cut the sleeves off the dress and then cut them down to the length I wanted. The photo to the right shows one after it was first cut off beside one that I shortened to the length I ended up using. After I cut them both down to size I excitedly tried them on, only to remember that my wrists are much smaller than the average human’s, so they promptly fell off.

So I put them on inside out (pictured left) and pinned them tight, then sewed along my pins and cut off the extra fabric. Then I pronounced them as “perfect” and wore them for the rest of the day.



  • Knee High Socks
  • Grey Stockings

This photo of Elizabeth Olsen struggling with her stockings on set gave me life, because its so nice to know that I’m not the only one who can’t keep the stupid things pulled up.

Initially I didn’t want to distress my stockings, because I wanted to be able to use them again, but it finally boiled down to the point that I had no choice, because I looked at other cosplays and realized that they’re just kind of the finishing touch and that thing that makes you go, ‘hey, thats a cosplay, not just some random cute chick.’

Under the holes you can clearly see that you’re not looking right at her flesh, so I layered up. The thick stockings (the ones that had once been socks) went on top, and a much thinner, almost translucent pair, went on the bottom.


  • Two Necklaces: One short and one long
  • Rings
  • Bracelets

I recommend taking a baggie and storing it in your purse in case you get sick of any of the bling. That way you can just shove it in your bag and not have to worry about it getting lost.

Short Necklace: This is the bright red necklace that stays up by my collarbone.

  • Cord: Its just a necklace chain that I pulled out of my collection.
  • Pendant: I decided not to go completely authentic with this one, instead throwing in a slight nod to Scarlet Witch from the comics: my pendant is actually her headdress.

Long Necklace: It went all the way to my belly button!!

  • Cord: If you pay attention, hers is actually chain half way down, and then ribbon (or cord) the rest of the way, but I couldn’t get it to lay neatly (remember, time crunch) so I made it cord all the way.
  • Pendant: I used a simple, silver disk charm and then two beads (one white(ish) and one blue) that I hung from the disk with thread.

Rings: Wanda always has a ton of cool rings.

  • I didn’t even try to match her exact rings, instead I just pulled a bunch from in my own, personal collection.

Locket Pin: This is not authentic at all, its just something that I added on because I was bored the night before and wanted something to do. Its hard to see on the cosplay itself, but theres a gold locket pinned above my heart (its on the dress, you could only see it when the jacket really flopped open). It contains photos of Vision and Quicksilver from the comics. Pretty nifty, huh?


SHIELD ID: This is something that I actually bought at the convention and ended up wearing the rest of the day.


imgpsh_fullsizeMy boots are nothing like hers, really, but they are very comfortable and a fun mixture of ‘feminine’ and ‘punk’ that I fell in love with, and certainly something I would wear again (plus they were eight dollars and still had the original tag, so they’d never been worn. Score!).

I was afraid that they would rub and become uncomfortable and I’m not used to wearing heels, but they turned out to be very comfortable and I stayed in them all day.


Social Media

A friend guessed it. I was happy.

(This photo was taken before I did any alterations)

Stockings: If you pay close attention, you’ll notice there aren’t as many gathers and lumps on the stockings, because they’re pulled tighter than they ever were after I cut the toe off and turned them into leg warmers. They’re also not distressed yet.

Dress: This isn’t as long as the dress actually was, I had rolled it and tucked it up at the waist for this photo (unfortunately I didn’t think to get any unaltered ‘before’ shots of it). Before I cut and hemmed it, the dress went just past my knees.

Jacket: You can see how wide the flaps are here, and understand what I meant by “they didn’t lay right” (hence the strange pose in this photo).  They’re so wide that they’re meant to cross all the way over to my hips, the jacket is not meant to be worn open, but I needed it open for the look, which is why I folded over the flaps. I also discovered I liked the look of the sleeves when they were rolled more.

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