Making a Magik X-Men Barbie Doll

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My best friend’s favorite thing ever is X-Men and her favorite X-Men is Magik, the younger sister of Colossus, who you would probably recognize from the Deadpool Movie. In fact, you wouldn’t recognize Magik from any of the movies, but if you play Marvel Heros 2016 she is a playable character. I’m told that she’s not hugely popular, so you actually don’t see her much of anywhere.

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How To…. Sort Of

I’ve made a few posts that chronicled this journey and were partial guides to making her (because I was posting them before giving the doll to my friend I had to be subtle!).

You can find hair tips on Giving Barbie Bangs (no one believes me when I said I put her head in boiling water and it didn’t melt!) and clothing instructions on Sewing a Barbie Unitard.

The boots are just a pair of plastic Barbie boots that I had lying around the house and repainted.

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