Sewing a Barbie Unitard

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For the special doll I mentioned before on the post Giving Barbie Bangs  but I also needed a plain black jumpsuit with long legs and long arms. To do this I bought a pattern for pants and a long-sleeve shirt which I intend to alter.

I wouldn’t call this a complete tutorial, more than that its a how-to-alter the pattern. If you want you can get the exact same pattern as I did – or something similar – and follow along.

The best part? I can now tell you what character I’m making! Magik from The X-Men!

What You’ll Need

The Pattern: You need a long sleeve shirt and long pants.

Fabric: It takes very little fabric. I bought a yard of black and a yard of yellow but it doesn’t take any where near that much. I used black 100% cotton. Check our SharonSews for tips on what fabric you should get. If I were to do it again I’d get something with a bit more stretch.

Needle and thread: I don’t recommend using a sewing machine unless you’re really handy with one.

Straight Pins: Whatever you have. Nothing fancy.

Scissors: You need nice, sharp scissors.

Cutting out the Pattern


First you need to cut out your fabric and pin it in place. I rarely pin patterns because I don’t want to damage them, but this is something I feel like I should pin because of how very tiny it is.

Don’t cut out any of the little ‘v’s yet.


Now you cut out the v-shaped cuts. This is also where you neaten everything up. When I’m cutting out the ‘v’ shapes I try to make them a little smaller than it calls for. Its better to have to enlarge them later than have them be too big now.

Now I cut the front and back of the top out in yellow, using the same design as I used for the black. I need a big, yellow stripe down the front and the back of the costume.

Making the Top

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I sewed the shoulders of the yellow, then tried it on to my practice Barbie to see how it would look. Then I took it off Barbie and folded it in half and cut off a small stripe. I also very carefully picked out my shoulder seams so this next part would be easier.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I pinned the yellow to the black to see how it would look, then I cut the black as well. Because the pattern I was using was intended to make a baggy coat I knew I would still have enough to have small seam allowances, however you may want to cut it a little big just to be safe.


I then sewed the shoulder seams again, for the last time. As you can see a little, I put in a liner so I wouldn’t have to worry about hemming the neck, but you can do that part however you’d like.


Magik wears gloves, and I didn’t want to mess with gloves so I cut about an inch off the bottom of the sleeves, cut an identical piece in yellow, and sewed it on before attaching the sleeves and sewing it together. I won’t go into detail on this part, because more than anything it was just a quick, last minute edit as I was piecing the doll together.

Making the Pants

I won’t go into much detail here – my photos of this were all lost! – but the long and short of what I did was to make the pants according to the pattern and then put them on the doll inside out before pulling and pinning them as tight as I could make them. Then I took them off and sewed them along the pins so they look more like leggings than pants.

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