Paper Flower Corsage

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My best friend and I are both huge nerds. She’s more into comics and I’m more into reading, but we both cross over a little. Recently she introduced me to both Deadpool and the X-Men.

And so onto the topic of this point st: corsages. Since she’s my prom date this year I decided to go all out with the DIY: I altered my dress and I made our corsages. I got the idea while going through a buzzfeed article 32 Elegant but Nerdy Ideas for Your Prom Outfit where I stumbled across a great Comic Book Boutonnière (or buccaneer as my date last year called it). I liked it, but I needed them to be corsages (and since I’m not into comics I needed something complementary for me).

You can see all the photos from my prom over here on my book blog.


Before you launch into making your own corsages I recommend searching the web and Pinterest for ideas. Since (comic) book corsages haven’t taken off (yet) you may just want to try searching “paper flower corsages”, which turn up a lot of beautiful ideas we can borrow from. The ones I like best are listed above, but you should look around on your own.


  • Flowers (see my tutorial for making flowers from books and comics)
  • Elastic
  • Tulle or other decorations. I’ve seen corsages made with all kinds of decorations, so check out Pinterest for ideas.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Elastic (I used 3/4s inch) OR ribbon OR something else to use to hold it on your wrist
  • Scissors
  • Felt


Most of what I used I had laying around the house. All I bought was the feathers (which I didn’t end up using) and the black tulle that I used on the corsage for my friend.

Experiment with the placement of objects by sliding them around on the table. These are both ideas that I had before I ended up opting not to use the feathers because I was afraid of damaging them.


Once you have a placement that you like heat up your hot glue gun and get out your felt. Lay the felt flat on the table and line the things that you are using up on the felt one last time to make sure that everything is turning out how you like it.

In the photo above I wanted the flower to stick up above the accents, so I rolled a piece of felt and glued it to the back, then glued it down to add extra height.

Here is the back view of my friend’s corsage, where you can see the felt strip that I glued it to. I recommend glueing it to a large piece of felt, then trimming it down to fit what you need.
My corsage last year had an elastic band, which maybe didn’t look as stunning as one that was tied with ribbon, but it certainly stayed on better than most of my friends. So I took my elastic and wrapped it around my wrist to get a basic size for what I needed, then took it off and hot-glued it into a circular shape.

Note: I couldn’t find elastic that I liked at A.C. Moore so I laid out long strips of white 3/4s inch elastic on a table and sprayed it liberally with a glitter varnish. It turned out much better than expected, as long as its not stretched (which its not when its on my wrist) you can’t tell that it wasn’t glittery to begin with.

When glueing the flowers to the elastic, be sure that you cover the overlap with your decorations.




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