Nerdy Paper Flowers

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I love paper flowers. They’re so pretty and yet so easy to make (and fun too!). I spent the better part of an afternoon making them using different mediums. My favorites by far were the comic and book flowers. The comics make brightly colored, random flowers and the books make simple, elegant flowers.

The comics are X-Men Comics that I picked up at a second hand store for a dollar each, and the book is an old copy of The Fellowship of the Ring that I got in a freebie bin at a used bookstore (it was so battered they couldn’t sell it).

In the making of my paper flowers I looked at a some other people’s suggestions before making my own. So in order to give credit where credit is due: Water Color Paper Rose and Vintage Book Page Flowers are both pages you should check out.


  • Book OR Comic book OR other paper (pretty paper is best)
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Wire OR wooden dowel for stem
  • Something cylindrical like a knitting needle OR chop stick OR pencil


First you need your paper.

  • Comic: Try one-fourth of a comic page (I cut it in half by length and by height). This is the way that I learned best to
  • Book: One half (by width) of a standard paperback page. If its a smaller paperback use the whole page.


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.44.13 PM.png

Now fold it so that the bottom right corner touches the top left. Yes it doesn’t look symmetrical. Trust me.

Now you fold it twice more, so that you have an increasingly smaller triangle each time.


Snip off a little bit of the bottom.


Now cut out the flower petal shape from the triangle as shown. Unfold the petal carefully and lay it out. It should look like a flower (as shown below).


Each finished flower requires three flower cut-outs. This is where you need to look at your flower and make sure that the petals are defined. For the style flower we are making you want as little paper holding each petal together as possible – see how long each of my petals are? Compare that with the connected petals of the Water Color Roses I looked at. If there isn’t enough definition, simply use your scissors to carefully trim.


Cut one petal off the first flower, two petals off the second flower, and three petals off the third flower.


Wrap each petal on each flower around the chopstick/pencil/knitting needle to give it a curved appearance. While wrapping hold the ‘good’ side (that is, the one that you want facing up on your finished flower) so that it faces you, and wrap the top of the petal backward over the stick so that it bends away from you.


Do this for every petal. It is time consuming, but it makes the finished flower look very nice. While you’re doing this is a good time to start heating up your hot glue gun.


Take the singular petal and glue it on, wrapping it around the top of your stem as shown.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Glue them on in order of least number of petals to most petals. One, two, three, five, six, seven. When I’m glueing them I try to space them as evenly as possible, by making the middle of the next piece cover the overlap of the last one.


For a flower on a stem: The last thing you do is attach your floral tape (I recommend using a dot of hot glue to hold it then wrap the tape all the way down to the bottom of the stem.

For a flower without a stem: Using scissors or wire cutters (depending on what your stem is made from) cut the stem as close to the base of the flower as possible.

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