Giving Barbie Bangs

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IMG_1913I’m making a special Barbie doll – I can’t tell you more about it at the moment in case the person I’m giving her to finds this blog – but I needed a blonde Barbie doll with bangs. I had a hard time finding one, so I grabbed a Barbie out of my old box and got to work on her hair.

I don’t know what Barbie I used – I think she was a ballet themed Barbie at one time – but her hair was in a half pony tale so I took it down and brushed it out.

How To

I watched the video I’ve embedded below, but I didn’t like the idea of actually boiling Barbie’s head. So I followed their ideas up to that point, pulling her hair to the front, neatening and evening it up, then brushing it down and holding it with a small headband. I didn’t get photos of the doll I ended up using, but I did get some of the doll I practiced on.


Here is the first step, where you just brush the hair forward. See how the scalp shows on the right? Thats what you do not want. Try to make it look like the left.


The best way to do that is to study how the doll’s hair is done. They are wigged with small chunks of hair poked through a hole, so lift one of those sections (as show above) and brush half of it to the front and half to the back. Thats the best way I found for neat bangs.


Ta-da! She has her hair pulled to the front now!

Now the doll in the photos is going to change from my practice doll to the doll I used for the main toy.


So you’ve pulled the hair to the front and put on the hand band. I didn’t feel safe putting my Barbie in boiling water – and I also didn’t feel like cleaning up from that – so I ran water in the sink until it was scorching and used that. Then I set her on a plastic tray to dry.


After it was dry I took off the band, brushed her hair, and then carefully snipped it.


I think it turned out well, all things considered. My next post will have more information on what character I’m creating and then have a how-to unitard.




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