The Cheshire Cat

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1Or, I can’t believe its not knitting!!

Yes my friends, I finally make a post that’s not about knitting! This one is an Alice in Wonderland inspired cat’s tail. The idea origionally came from a contest that I entered, that featured a “Chessie Tail” as one of the prizes, as well as a signed book by the author A. G. Howard who writes dark Alice in Wonderland books. While the tail matched the description of Cheshire in her books, it certainly didn’t match the Cheshire that is most recognizable, the pink and purple one from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.


My supplies

I decided to make a tail that fit more with the cat we all know and love, and thankfully I had the perfect yarn on hand; pink and purple with glitter.The internet is sadly lacking on instructions for cheshire tail tutorials, so instead I found one for a wolf tail and altered it to work with stripes. The first idea was to make a thing for my rearview mirror, but the first one ended up far too big, so instead I’ll hang it elsewhere and the smaller one I made for my mirror is at the bottom of the post.

For this I used yarn, a pet brush, a key ring, scissors, and a hair straightener. The yarn is Red Heart Shimmer in Hot Pink and Plum which is great because it’s smooth and shimmery once straightened.

It took a lot of tassels. Each stripe of color is about six tassels, then I spotted and went through and added more to some of the thinner areas. All in all I used about 26 or 27 in purple, and 23 or 24 pink. Each tassel was between three and five inches, and I found it looks best if you leave the ends uneven (i.e. do not cut them after straightening).

So the gist of what you do, go to the tutorial for the wolf tail for better instructions, is to make tassels with about ten strands, brush them with the pet brush to remove the twist from the yarn, and then use the hair straightener to get rid of the curl and give it a glossy look. The tassels are then tied onto a long braid, which I attached to a key ring. The key ring is not mentioned in the original tutorial, it was my own innovation.




These ones have just been straightened



The very tip of the tail. It wasn’t bushy enough, so I added three extra tassels

DSCF2398Now for the tail I made for my mirror. It is, of course, smaller than the first one, I did this not by using fewer tassels for each stripe, but by making each tassel about half the size of the tassels in the other one. The first one has about ten strands per tassel, the smaller one has about five strands per tassel. This was actually an idea I had partway through the process of making the tail, so I took the tassels apart, after I had brushed and straightened them, and then tied them back together.

DSCF2394.JPGThere is also more space between the stripes. On the first one, all the tassels are close together, even if they were of different colors; the smaller one had only tassels of the same stripe beside each other, and the stripes were separated by an inch. I needed mine to clip to things, namely my mirror, so I took the clip off this wallet that my friend gave me years ago and I never wore. So it finally has a use, and now whenever I look at my mirror I will think of her! For the first tail I tied the braid that served as a base to a key ring, for this tail the braid was just looped over the ring on the clip.

DSCF2395This is a rough approximation of the length of the base braid BEFORE I braided it. The ruler is six inches (15 CM).

I hope this post was useful and interesting! Do you like the tails? Should I make the post more detailed? Let me know in the comments!



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