The Chemo Cap

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My father was recently diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer, and since he’s been having chemo his hair all fell out. So I decided to make him a nice, comfortable hat that he could wear, because he’s been wearing baseball caps, and, to be honest, he looks ridiculous in them.

The Chemo Cap

So I made him a hat, using the pattern The Vermonter, because I found out that I was seeing him for the first time since he started Chemo with two days warning, meaning I needed something nice, and something quick.


I cast on fifty, instead of the suggested number, because its made for my dad, and he had a large head.

Because I was using an unmarked skein, I over-estimated the amount of yarn I had, and didn’t have enough to finish the pattern. So I started the decreases a section early, and ended up with just the right length!

My sob story:

We went to a restaurant for dinner, and because of the Chemo he can’t eat much. So our server found out he was a chemo patient, and when my dad asked for the check she said there wasn’t going to be one. We were (understandably) confused, and she said she was going to cover it. My father and i started crying (I’m crying now while typing this), and even though we didn’t let her cover the bill (my father told her to donate the total to a charity) it still meant the world to us. Thank you, whomever you are.


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