Marie Antoinette

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What can you make with a ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costume, a Prom Dress, and a George Washington wig?

Marie Antoinette, apparently.

I won

I won “Crowd Favorite” in the costume Contest! (and my mom said this photo makes my head big like the Queen of Hearts in the 2010 Alice with Johnny Depp. OFF WITH HER HEAD!)

I chose this costume by random chance. I was in a thrift store with my mother and saw what would later become the top and snatched it up. Well, it turns out I bought a Sexy “Lady Versailles” costume, which I didn’t know until after I planned to use it for the infamously deceased queen. Interestingly, when I told my best friend about my costume decision, she looked me straight in the eyes and demanded to know what my A.P. European history teacher had done to me. “Bailey,” I replied, “I’ve always been a nerd.”

98665The costume was short, very short. Only the lighter blue I wear as the top was included (it’s pictured below). We had to rip off the lace that was on the sleeves, because it was short and not as pretty as what I wanted, and tuck the chest which was far too large for me. So I knew right away that the first thing I wanted to do was add a skirt, a long, puffy one like the one Marie wears on the cover of the Dear America: Royal Diaries book that I fell in love with years ago. It is this book, not my Euro teacher that inspired the dress, no matter what my friends think!


The “Little Bo Peep” dress

For the skirt my mom suggested using her old prom dress (which I lovingly call the Little Bo Peep costume because, well, you get the picture. Lots of bows and lace) so we carefully ripped the skirt from the top, then removed the outer layer of the skirt, leaving us with a beautiful lace piece to use for the skirt’s underlay.

This is what a 'sexy' Marie Costume looks like

This is what a ‘sexy’ Marie Costume looks like

This left us with petticoats and no skirt. So we went to Joanns’s (completely forgetting the two other skirt/dress pattern’s in my mom’s closet which I’ve found a great way to organize! (post about that to come!)). So we picked McCall’s Pattern 6097 because I liked the ruffle-ly butt, which we sadly didn’t use for this project, but maybe one day! We also picked a nice brocade-feeling fabric (can’t go wrong with 50% off!) and went home with two yards. Only to return a few days later for two more yards, lol. We also had thought to rip the excess lace from mom’s prom dress (on the sleeves and collar) so we didn’t need to worry too much about extra lace). The last thing we got was blue ribbon, which would later end up on my skirt, lacing my dress, and in my hair.

McCall's 6097 - a.k.a.

McCall’s 6097 – a.k.a. “Ruffle Butt”

The skirt used about four yards of fabric, and we realized early on it wasn’t going to have the poof we wanted if we didn’t do something, so we ordered a hoop skirt off of Amazon, which, thanks to Amazon Prime, arrived the Tuesday before halloween, which was just in time to put the finishing touches on the skirt.

For my hair we searched through several pages of “Marie Antoinette” wigs on Amazon, but found nothing we really, really liked (that also had good reviews), so we went with a George Washington wig from Party City, pulled out the pony tail, brushed it, put it in curlers, and then tied bows into it. It looked fabulous and was hard as a rock from all the hair spray.

I couldn't reach my feet, let alone lace my skates!

I couldn’t reach my feet, let alone lace my skates!

Now that I’ve finished rambling about how I made it, I shall explain what I did with it. I went figure skating. Naturally there were some confused people, namely about who I was, why I thought skating in it was a good idea (I second this), and where I got it. I was asked if I was Betsy Ross, Martha Washington, the Fairy Godmother (by a hopeful girl in a Cinderella costume), and even once if I was George Washington (this person clearly had a more interesting history class than me!).

This shows the back of the dress and wig.

This shows the back of the dress and wig.

Despite having a slew of interesting costumes over the years – including a completely homemade Eowyn one – I don’t do terribly well at costume contests when the participants vote, because those tend to become popularity contests and I’m not the most popular girl at the ball. However, this year I came home with the honor of being named “Crowd Favorite” and I even got a shiny trophy with a headless skeleton (which my mother promptly broke).

A friend of mine, happened to show up as King Richard the Lionheart (interestingly we keep accidentally coordinating, last year when I was Eowyn he was the father of Isildur), but unfortunately I didn’t get any good photos.

My favorite, which you can see a little of in the picture of the back of my dress, was Coronel Sanders and a bucket of chicken, who were made to go to center ice and “whip and nae-nae” (I thought they missed a chance – he should have done the chicken dance!)

You can go to the Ice Chalet’s facebook page for a truly absurd video of us on ice, including me dancing!

The full view, hoop skirt and all.

The full view, hoop skirt and all.



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