Work in Progress Wednesday

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Forgive the photo quality

Forgive the photo quality

My first WIP is my Sea Witch Cowl, a pattern I made myself. I’m not certain if I’ll bother publishing it, because it’s very simple, but I may choose to because it is simple, and built for lumpy yarns which are sometimes difficult to find patterns for.

20151104_153537The Yarn is Stitch Studio By Nicole: Cottage Comfort and for the first time I had to write the yarn entry myself, because it wasn’t showing up on Ravelry!

Anyway, because I’m a bit of an impulse buyer, I grabbed two skiens of this when I saw it, so I will have plenty of extra (hey – some accidents are good, you can never have too much yarn!) and my friend thinks I should make her a scarf with it, because it’s partially Mohair, and her name is Mo. Very funny.

When I first cast on, I was using size seven needles, because the yarn looks tiny, but I realized very soon that that was a very, very bad idea. So I cast off and went up to 10.5 and liked it much more.

20151104_153551The other WIP I cast on this morning, because I didn’t want to carry the Sea Witch Cowl in my backpack any more, it was beginning to not fit. Twist and Slouch is a great hat pattern by Kali Berg which is offered free on Ravelry. The pattern calls for a RT (right twist) to form the mock cables along the edge. I’d never done this before, so I hunted up a youtube tutorial, which I’ve embedded below.

20151104_153614I’m excited to try this hat. Because I’m using Caron One Pound (colorway: Claret), I have plenty of extra yarn, so I plan to make matching mittens, and then depending on how much I have left I’m going to make a scarf or cowl to match because Red is such a pretty color and the yarn is so nice to work with, surprisingly.


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