Knitting WIP – Alassë Míriel

knitting, knitting wip, wip


Well, I’m a nerd, and today I’m starting a new project firstly because its gorgeous, and secondly because of the name: Alassë Míriel.

Alassë is Quenya (that’s Tolkien Elvish) for Joy or Merriment and Míriel is the mother of Feanor, and in elvish means Jewel-Woman or Jewel-Daughter.  The pattern itself is a hood, and I’ll admit, I’ve tried to make hoods before, by altering sweater patterns and they were all epic fails. So epic in fact, I didn’t even take a picture.

My mother and I went to Jo-ann’s today, to pick up a pattern for my Halloween costume, and some fabric, and yarn. Always yarn. ( While we did find a good pattern, we forgot what we’re using to make the top of the dress at home and couldn’t buy fabric. I’ll make a post about my costume later, because it will be fabulous. )

Yarn: Heartland Cuyahoga Valley 2 skiens

Needles: Size Seven Clover DPN

The Nutcracker On Ice

I just found out yesterday that I will be a Chinese (China woman?) and a Waltzer this year. Now, its not secret that waltzing is my favorite role by far, so I’m really, really happy.

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